Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017-Backyard plants - 2

For some reason, I have atleast nice gourd seedlings and the moment I put them in ground they are not surviving. I believe it is because of the squirrels I have and they are bothering a lot this year. Here are some other plants that are coming up nicely this year. I do have some issue this year. This time there are holes forming on the plants especially Roses and tomato's in some area of my garden. I have to keep an eye and spray something natural on them to make them survive.

bad news apart, I am excited that for the first time I have small grapes showing up on my grape tree. I am very happy for them. I will need to keep an eye on them too just in case. As part of the yearly planting new trees/shrubs I got a blueberry and a regular tree. So 2 new addition to back yard.

One of the positive things in backyard are the flowers. A glimpse of backyard flowers. 

Our small seedlings are still trying to come in the plant box.

 our small movable plant boxes have okra, tomatos and some pepper and chilli plants in them.
 one more small tomato plant who is growing nicely.
 One more positive thing in backyard is , I have started getting first time fresh grapes from the tree.

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