Saturday, May 21, 2016

Backyard Cleanup And Summer planting - 1

This year hopefully I can start back on my planting and being helpful to mother nature a little more and move towards a little organic. So I planted a lot of seedlings last month and here they are:

Bottle gourd, some tomato's and other seedlings

Some more here:
 Tomato plant I planted in backyard (bought from home depot)

My home plants finally trying to get some sunshine and warm temperature outside, but unfortunately, the weather is not that co-operative. It has been raining since many days.

A place near the pathway where I put some seeds from humming bird mix (I got that from BJ's)

 My perennial has grown out of the pot and finally found a good home for it on ground. Fortunately this plant do not need much sunshine.

The 3 greenhouse mobile plant beds. I like these because they yield maximum output from the plants planted in them. This year as usual I have one pot totally for tomato's, new ones are one is right now dedicated to okra's and other one with peas and eggplant . So lets see how they turn out this year.
Becuase of construction and extension project, I lost the two plant beds I made some years ago. This year I have to make sure I get at least one back. I also lost lot of my good rose trees which were growing and given me lot of roses each year. The contractor tried to put them in a different place, but unfortunately none of them survived.
 Luckily my apple tree is slowly starting up again. I am happy after 3 years it still exists and only thing this year I have to try is on how to make it even more better and strong.
 backyard where my rose plants and one of hte plant bed used to be. Now the home extended and I am happy with it inside. We made a small patio with stone and cement.


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