Monday, September 21, 2009

Indian art

This indian art is called "muggu" in telugu. There is a festival especially for this which comes in january time frame called "Sankranthi". Here is just a sample of it which we did at our home before, to play batukamma festival at our place.
The colors and design is done by my mother and I filled in colors in them. We used a wet chalk (sidewalk chalk pieces) to do the layout and filling colors.

DIY - BackSplash-3

Finally we got chance to finish our backsplash project after so many days of break. We got the grouting part very easy. I am planning to publish my lessons learned from this project so hopefully someother person who is willing to do doesnt have to repeat the same mistakes as we did.

We started around 9:30 in the night and it took almost 2 hours to finish 90% of the grouting before the grout we got is finished. So here it goes for grouting of tile:

first mix the grout as per the manufacturer's instructions. (Use the mixing tool for this, which will be effective, fast and easy to finish this part). Now take the trowel used for grouting with some grout mix and start spreading on the tiles in 45 degrees angle.

After you are done, leave it aside for 10 minutes and then take a damp sponge and start cleaning up the tiles one part at a time. clean the sponge, sqeeze extra water and then clean the tile again one time.

After cleaning with the sponge,according to our manufacturer's instructions we have to leave the grout for 3 days before sealing. Here is how our backsplash tiling with almost finished will look like. Since we used darker grout it actually dominated our color of the tiles which we choose, but it gave kind of a professional look I feel.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ganapathi navratri celebrations

This picture is taken on first day of Ganapathi navratri celebrations this time. Starting on August 22nd - August 30th.


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