Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Last post of the backyard from summer 2014. did not realize that it was still in draft and not posted yet.
With the fungas attacking my whole tomato plant(also called late blight disease), along with the end root problem, this year my organic veggie from backyard have been reduced. Here are some pictures of the harvest from my backyard:

July: couple of eggplants from my only eggplant plant.
Lesson learnt: plant atleast two seedlings/ buy atleast two plants of same vegetable.

Early August: Some tomatos, last batch of the beans before I removed them. Couple of eggplants, and a few bhendi (okra's) with Banana peppers.

 Some bhendi(okra's) ready to be picked up. Same with Banana pepper in the below shot.

Home Renovation - Bathroom Remodel - 2

This remodel project started last Friday. First day, the old vanity was removed. The vinyl flooring was ripped off. and the sub flooring was prepared to run the new water line for the vanities, new sewer line for the powder room. As part of the project, we also pushed our dryer vent inside to the wall a little bit, which gave our washer a little more room to push inside and be on same level as dryer.

 After 4 days of remodel and the person working on it pulled out the tile around the bath tub and added the new dry wall etc.Instead of prying the wall for the small tile, it cut the dry wall and added the new one, which saved us time and less damage to the bathtub.

After 2 days of project, we ordered and got the vanity for full bath, tile for floor and in shower (around the bath tub) , fixtures for shower, faucet, towel rod etc, along with little accent tile also. To give our powder room a more spacious look and feel along with being timeless, my husband opted for the pedestal sink. Finally today, the sink is here too. 

We are hoping to wrap up the project by Feb 3rd. If done, then it would be quick project with major change in functioning of our home on main level.

More posts to come. 

Home Renovation - Bathroom remodel - 1

After a lot of discussions, quotes and plans, we finally started renovating our main level bathroom. The full bath to in-law suite has two doors, one from the bedroom and another leading to the kitchen. This caused lack of little privacy, confusion of locking and opening doors on both sides etc. Here are some pics before we started the work. (After clearing out all the items in the bathroom ofcourse :) ).

Our plan is to make the above bathroom into an en-suite to the in-laws bedroom and a half bath for regular use and guests. Of couse, part of the project is to put tile on the floor, new vanities, fixtures etc. Good Luck to us!!!!

I will be back with some more pics as the project progresses. 


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