Friday, February 06, 2015

Home Renovation - Bathroom Remodel-4

The final pictures of the bathroom after they are finished. Our contractor had a plane to catch, so we relieved him early and then wrapped up ourselves on a whole lot of cleaning. We had a to sand and paint the bathroom and then fix the fixtures like bath towel holder, toilet paper holder, the electric plug covers etc. So here are the final pics of the bathroom done, without any blings :) .
Full Bath

 Half Bath

I did some painting on the doors as there was extra paint leftover in the painting tray. 
So Finally this project is done. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Home Renovation - Bathroom Remodel - 3

Finally the things are becoming clear and slowly coming to close. With two days left on finishing up the project, the bathtub tiling is done. The full bath tiling is done along with installation of the new W/C. The painting of the walls just started. The pedestal sink on half bath has been installed. It looks like the color I chose is in green shade, but it is called the relaxing Khakhi. I loved the semi gloss rather than flat color. I would love to go with full gloss color, but looks like the full gloss is only recommended as accent color or trims or edges or on wainscoting etc. 

Full Bath pictures

Half Bath Picture
Things still left to do:

Finish the tiling job on the half bath including grout.
Wall between the half bath and full bath.
Install W/C on half bath.
Install vanity in full bath
Painting on both bathrooms.
Install the accent near the vanities.
oops lot of little little stuff, which includes major clean up too :).

We are almost there. I am hoping that lot of things can be taken care of today and done. Good Luck to us.


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