Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hi all

Happy Thanks giving and Happy Holidays to all......

Monday, November 10, 2008

Old Myths of Pregnancy

There are some old myths regarding pregnancy. Although I would not suggest that all of these would happen or likely to happen with everybody, but I do see and experiance some of them. So I thought why not I share it with you. Again these are just old myths. Please do not take them to heart.

During Pregnancy:

  • Its common to have bad memory in pregnancy. Keep a pen and paper handy to note things down, when you remember.
  • Take lamaze classes/learn breathing techniques which help you in labor.
  • If you have Nausea or moring sickness try something sour like dried amla (without salt preferred) or lemon. It helps reduce the morning sickness and through up feeling a lot.

If you are pregnant and your due date is nearing, then watch out for the following symptoms:

  • If you have an urge to clean, then looks like your due date is really close by. This urge to clean is also called "nesting" in some places. Prepare for it.
  • Take lamaze classes/learn breathing techniques which help you in labor. These breathing techniques learnt will be helpful to divert your mind while labor.

After Delivery of the baby:

  • Keep yourself warm all the times, which will help mother to get more milk for the child.
  • Some doctors say that, if you feed the baby totally using breastfeeding then you can get back to your shape within one month.
  • Drinking more water daily increases the quantity of breast milk.
  • Peanuts or any good iron content food increases the quality of the breast milk (ex: Thick milk instead of milk like 1% ).

I shall keep updating this post as and when I remember things.


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