Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hat for my daughter

I will take more photos and post later. This cap I worked is a crochet work and the way to do this hat is at the following url:

I used the instructions from the above but I used the mixed color yarn from sugar and cream and used size G crochet hook. I made a pom pom for it, to look better.

Update: More pictures

Gift wrap

we went to our cousin's home last week. She was preparing a gift to one of her daughter's friend. I loved the wrap that I had to take a photo.

Snow day (2011)

It started snowing again, first time in January of 2011. It is supposed to accumulate 4-8 inches in our area. It started around an hour ago and the accumulation as you can see is just over an inch. Lets see... currently we are at home with kids. so enjoying our tea and poppers for now. 

Enjoying the snow day with cardammom tea and jalepeno poppers with chilli sauce.


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