Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Backyard Plants - 2

My mom unknowingly put lot of tomato seeds into a pot and they all started into a nice seedlings. i donated some and put some in community garden at my work place too. I still have some left and I better start putting them soon again. 
Peas in the pot:

 Tomatos and Okra's

 Tomato, Sorakaya, Roses, Dosakaya etc planted in single big space

 Other side view of same above:

I guess it is too late to ask for a plant bed so I just put some plants on ground.
 More roses and Tomato

 Roses again and other misc plants
Dosakaya. Although I planted it next to a pears tree, and hoping it would just have only enough sun and shade, I feel the sun is too hot now a days even for that few hours it receives. It started growing but turning yellow too :(.


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