Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cold n Cough

Recently I have been dealing with my daughter cough especially at nights. So I thought I would post some of the cures I took at home to avoid it. This

  • Honey - This is one of the best medicine to give to kids when they have cough. I know that in United States, you are not allowed to give honey to kids less than an year. So I started giving them after they are older than 1 year. It is safe and best home medicine I feel. It works for elder's too.
  • Vicks and Hot water bath: If you apply vicks thoroughly to your chest, back, neck and nose and take a Warm (more than luke warm or close to hot) water bath, the vapor's go in and works the magic. Once you are out of shower, you will feel much better for hours to come and ready for the day/night. 
  • Warm milk with Turmeric and black pepper - Try to have some warm milk at night with black pepper and turmeric in it. I add little honey also for taste. It works good on my throat and on my cold. 
  • Steam - Take a wider bowl and heat water to a boil stage at least. Take the steam from it by closing yourself in a thick blanket/comforter before the steam. I would not suggest doing it on the stove. Remove the bowl from stove and put it down some place convenient for you. Add vicks to the boiled water so that you can have the fem melted down and feel even more better. 


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