Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017-Backyard plants - 1

I started this time to plant for seedlings around last week of march with only little luck. Now I am in middle of May and I could not plant them outside because of weather going down and up crazily. However I do have some of the pics I can share on what we did this year. Some areas got cleaned up and some small seedlings got planted.
Roses coming back again:
 My first batch of flowers from my garden to god:

Some seedlings came in April

 I was happy to see the green beans coming up fast to I seperated and potted them for time being. however after I moved them to the yard in April end when weather was good.... I lost them :(. Because of crazy cold weather in second week of May.
 My husband and kids working on a plant bed
Plant bed in progress:

May buy for backyard:

My husband made a plant bed for me again. During renovation I lost the two plant beds I had. So here we go. Thank you hubby!!


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