Monday, August 24, 2015

Home Renovation - Bay window in Kitchen

Bay window finally put in the kitchen. Here is the progress of it in pics.
 The window dimensions are cut and not boarded.

This pic shows the window dimensions and a small board to hold the windows.

More progress has been made for the false front of the window(not sure of the technical term here). Also they had the top also framed for window.

Bay Window finally in. Looks beautiful.

Home Renovation - Roof and Wall Framing - 3

Since last week the job has been going pretty good I felt. They tried to put the temporary tarp so that they can work under/inside the home, without leaks into the newly constructed zone. Lot of changes happenned and I did not find time to update my blog. So here is second floor walls with the external doors and windows done.

Finally they installed all 3 skylights. One of the skylights issue is, we cannot see it yet, since it is on top new roof and there is another one from old still there. The roofing is finally done last tuesday.

so the outside is looking good..... trying to wrap up fast, keeping our fingers crossed.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Home Renovation - Wall framing - 2

last week they started the wall framing and then adding the plywood outside wall. The inital pics from the outside. 
 Pic from the side where our old sunroom existed.
This is the new kitchen and other side of the work. 

 Then they put the windows in.
This is the framing for my wall to wall pantry shelving. This side I will also have the oven + microwave combo, along with a reach in pantry.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Home Renovation - Footing - 3 + Wall framing - 1

The floor tresses started after finishing up the footing. They had the water barrier and gravel covered and then filled up the surrounding with the remaining soil. 

The first pic of the floor tresses

 They filled up the insulation in between and covered it, as we were expecting rain that day.

Then they started on the walls 2 days back. Since kitchen did not have any windows, that became easy to put plywood on.
 The other sides they have to measure and make sure the openings are good and frame for windows and doors. The following pictures show different views of the construction going on.


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