Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Nikon lens(55-200) and few test pics (2012)

My husband got new lens for my existing Nikon SLR camera. Here are some pics taken with above lens:

These are the pics taken from my backyard.. so this post is kind of covering both my new lens testing as well as my backyard pictures.

 Brinjals (eggplants) coming in bunch.... still blooming
 Cucumber flowers blooming for becoming cucumber soon and also some small buds of cucumber.
 Tomato's in the early stage from my plant bed.
 Red mandaram from my annual plant. My lucky one... because it blooms to give me at least one good flower every day for my goddess at home.
Tulasi.... my mom loved when she saw all the Dalalu. I wish they come more often, so that I can offer more to god. Thanks Tulasi maa....

Karela creepers blooming wiht some flowers to give me couple of bitter gourds. :).
The above bird comes every morning in my backyard and was finally able to take a picture a little clear (without it being flying away with sound of opening door), with my new lens. I am still waiting to take a picture of a red bird and a yellow one which comes in my back yard. Good luck to me !!!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

2012-Backyard plants- 3

My first cutouts from my plants. A small bunch of chikudukayalu, one brinjal, and some fresh green thotakura.

 My first capsicum coming up on the plant.
 fresh green sourgreens (gongura).

 worth the price is my new mandaram plant. It gives me this mandaram almost everyday from the day I bought it. Although it is annual plant I hope it stays with me (with a little maintenance).

These are the flowers from my perennial mandaram tree. Which we planted from last year. The flowers when compared to regular oneare even bigger and darker. I love them... helps me do puja :).


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