Saturday, June 02, 2012

2012-Backyard plants - 2

The grown plants from our first plant bed beside our patio. Although picture is not clear.. I can upload a better one later on. There are Tomato plants, Bitter gourd(karela, kakarakaya), Methi, Chukka kura and etc.
 The following is the first city pickers I planted seedlings this season and look how tall they became. I am happy to see the fruit coming soon :). After all.... seeing something growing nicely (good results) is a big reward of what you do. I mean efforts being paid.
 This is the second one in which I planted Gongura (Sour greens), Brinjal and capsicum plants. Looks like they are also coming along nicely too. I am glad.
 This is the new plant bed we made in our backyard (where the sun shines fully). I planted bhendi (okra, bendakaya), Brinjal(eggplant, vankaya, baigan) and a lot of others, which I feel are amaranth (thotakura). I just need to wait and see how these turns out.

2 braids goes to one - Hairstyle-3

This hairstyle can be for kids as well as for adults too. Nice and easy and probably lot of people already know it. Go for it and add your own accessories to the style to make it look much more cute :). All you have to do it, make a small divider to seperate the hair in two sets in the front and pick some part of the front hair and make two separate braids. Now join them to make one braid at the back. 

As mentioned earlier I can only these styles for my 3 year old when I apply nice oil to her hair (because of silky nature and maintenance ofcourse for a 3 year old). luckily for me, she is not making her hair big mess now-a-days as before. so it stays for a longer time, before it needed one more time braiding.

Strawberry picking (2012-May)

The Strawberries we picked at the farm (and a couple of cherries too). 

 My kids also had fun feeding the goats too.
 A couple of shots of cherry tree:


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