Thursday, April 30, 2015

Home Renovation - Basement Bathroom - 1

Our second project that is being tackled as part of home renovation is upgrading the basement bathroom. Our basement bathroom has a standing shower, weird angles vanity and potty seat so close to the shower that you have to squeeze to get to the shower. So we decided that by the time our actual construction begins why not pretty this baby up. Here is the basement bathroom after the clean slate:

I added couple of pictures after day 2

Couple of pictures from day 3 work: this is picture of standing shower with half wall and a seating bench to make use of the wierd shaped corner.

Home Renovation - Garage Insulation - 1

We started thinking that staying in our current home is best idea because of our LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. nothing can beat that part about my beautiful home. However to make it more beautiful we are planning on adding a little square footage to our existing home. Since that is a process which would definitely take time, we started on other little projects at home that should be tackled. Until the permissions, permits, planning are through, we started first with the Garage Insulation. Here are some pics before and in progress.

Before the insulation:

After insulation and dry wall.

Although we are still left with the patching work to be done. Hopefully soon this will be done.


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