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Mar 2012 - Lalitha puja

March 2012 - Lalitha puja performed by our community ladies at my aunt's home this time. Photos of ammavaru and food items (potluck items). Take the blessings and have fun eye feast...

Kids storage boxes made out of paper box

we always buy lot of stuff for kids. We wish/.want to store all the memories around them. However sometimes we spend a lot of money on something which we feel can be a fun art project at home with kids. This weekend, as we had a little time, I planned to do some stuff for kids at home along with them. This way I can customize it according to my needs, make them decorated  the way kids want it and voila... here goes one fun thing at home. Made totally from materials at home/office. We are currently storing my kids preschool stuff, his art work and writing and my girl's art work inside it (she does not go to preschool yet :) ) Here goes the story on how I did it:

My husband got couple of the paper boxes, which are generally lying around at work - to be recycled or to be trashed. We had a little Flouroscent construction paper and lot of gift wrapping stuff lying around in home. Instead of storing kids art work and their writing in a box or something which we do not even touch nor the kids will have any idea of how to open or to do with it, I just wrapped around gift wrap around this boxes to make it look fancy.

 First I created for my son, by giving him choice to pick up the color of gift wrap. Once the box is ready, I asked him to write his name on it. He felt very happy with it and I am planning to make him write draw stuff on top according to the items stored in it, that way we all know what is inside in it.
 A similar one made for my daughter below, from her choice of giftwrap.


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