Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Long Weekend Trip Photos

Niagara Falls
Water Closeup

Falls, a long shot

another look at falls

A small layer of falls

Photos of New Vrindavan (Iskon Temple, Wheeling, West Virginia)

Radha Krishna

Narasimha Swamy

Palace of Gold

Radha Krishna in decorated swing

Photo of Lalitha Puja at my Home

Rice Prices

Just wanted to add this current condition and update to all people who love rice. Although this post might be old for you this is what the prices are in our area for rice. 2 months back Sona masoori bag of rice (of 20 pounds) would cost us $8-$9. Later it went up to $10 for few days. As soon as the rice export stopped from India news flashed, they immediately raised the price on same day to $18. When we went to Indian store to get rice again, they said it is $26.

Currently we switched to Jasmine rice, which is little better in price ($20 for 25 pounds) no way comparision in taste or quality to Sona masoori. Want to get basmati rice atleast, but our local BJs do not have any basmati rice. I went like 4 times (weekedays and weekends) but no difference. I could not find one.

I was wondering when will this stop. Hopefully in an year when they are supposed to start the export again, the prices hopefully might come down. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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