Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Decoration

Birthday decoration of my son's second birthday party in India
Cake at the party - Butterscotch flavor with bal hanuman on it

Baasara (Basar) trip

Basar is a famous place of lord Saraswathi devi, who is treated as goddess of wisdom/education/study. It is believed that children who starts writing at this place is expected to have the goddess blessings and do well in education.

We went to baasara for aksharabhyasam (Start of education) for my son. The picture below is a small utsava vigraham of lord Saraswathi.

We were 11 members so we hired the small van which is kind of mini version of swaraj mazda (very popular van in India for big crowd like 25).

We stopped at AP tourism place Haritha's to have breakfast. I was amazed to find the following playard for kids. My son loved playing in all the small rides.
Some more photos from Baasara


a pictorial view of charminar

Inside Charminar

Steps to go up

View from charminar to streets


This is one of the pics taken at thirupathi after our food. ofcourse, you can see this picture at any pan tela's you find. But for those who are unaware of it, Pan is had after you have food. People say it is kind of gives boost to digestion after heavy lunch or dinner.

You can see the sweet pan making in this picture. It looks so inviting after you have your tasty lunch. you can also japatri which is a special one added in sweets. People say (by experience obviously) that if you have little of japatri it gives you so drowsy feeling (almost equal to after what you have alchohol).


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