Friday, July 31, 2015

Home Remodel - Trenching and Foundation - 2

Contractor started working on the foundation since 4 days. He started on first layer of concrete. Then he is putting cinder blocks 4 layer tall on top of the concrete set. They even started tearing down the front walkway to clear the path and add walkway and porch. Then the floor joists go in. Here is where we are currently. The path till the work today is shown in the below pics.

Part of the cinder blocks done in above picture

Friday, July 24, 2015

Backyard Plants - 2015 - July

Because of renovation, I could not plant many vegetables or fruits or anything this year. In fact, all my rose plants have been replanted to another spot and they are kind of struggling to come back up. I believe only a couple of them survived till now. This time I got around 5-8 varieties of rose plant stems from a cousin when we were on vacation. I planted them as soon as I got back and currently waiting to see if they are surviving here. I hope they do. 

After my 12 days of vacation I hardly expected any plants to survive as I did not request anybody to water the plants. To my Surprise though I had 3 sorakaya's (Bottle gourds), couple of tomato's and couple of banana peppers on plants. I immediately started watering them since then and they are doing good now. 
Although the bottle gourd was small ones, they are really good in taste still. 

The plants I saw after my vacation. They were almost in exhausted state.

My kanakambaram plant, this year it has been really good and is giving me some nice flowers.
My tulasi plant and its little ones. I am glad that I will be able to donate atleast a few of them this year. Did not expect that at all, with all the craziness going on at home.

Blossoming tomato. I hope the issue of my tomato plants will come late this year :(. I am not sure if I can ever skip it. (Fire Blight).

This one is dosakaya (Indian Yellow Cucumber) and a new plant to put down on the ground. Since renovation is going on, I did plant it in a pot. It is perennial so I am happy about it. 

I will add couple more pictures from what I got from my veggie garden this year a little later. Till then have fun and enjoy your summer. Do not forget to plant more trees to save nature in order save ourselves from the wrath of sun :). 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Home Remodel - Trenching and Foundation - 1

After a lot of back and forth between architect and county and waiting period, we finally got our approval mid last week. It took almost 2 months without any work happening and us living in our cramped up space.First couple of days they took time to do the trenching. I believe that it is a process to dig deep enough for laying out the foundation. Then came the Footing inspection. We passed it on Monday. Today they are going to pour the concrete in the footing area. It needs to be done in two phases, one after digging. Second round of concrete after they lay the cinder blocks.

More updates coming soon..... Stay tuned. 


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