Monday, May 21, 2012

Backyard plants - 2012

My plant bed from last year has Methi plants, 4 tomato plants and 4 karela. Also it has some spinach too. I wil update photos as they grow younger and ripe stage :).
 Spinach and Strawberry... I planted them in the window boxes so that strawberry has some place to spread itself.
 Dhaniya - Kothimeeru..... who doesnt love the smell and taste of fresh coriander leaves. That too made from our kitchen coriander seeds :)...
 my small plant box.. ready seedlings to be planted and some still waiting to sprout up. I had cucumber, Chikkudukaya (broad beans), Gongura(sour greens), Thotakura(amaranth leaves), Bhendi (okra) sprouted up already. Still waiting on Sorakaya, beerakaya, capsicum and green chillies. Hopefully they will show up...
My Tulasi plant from last year. Thank you so much pinni for giving me this. Thank you for tulasi maa.. for staying with me :).
 More seedlings.... mostly are spinach, tomato...
 Eggplant planted in pot (bought from store)
 Tomato seedlings planted in ground.
 Karela (bitter gourd) seedlings planted in ground.
 Chikkudukaya (broad beans) seedlings planted in ground


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