Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 - Backyard Plants - 4

Lets start with flowers again!!!
Asiatic Lily Flower
 Wild flower mix
Tulasi plants ready to be donated
Kanakabaram and malle chettu
 Tomato plants
 Some red tomatos showing up. I am not happy about the size being so small but nevertheless having the home grown tomatos is always a happy feeling. I am happy for what I am getting. An aunt tasted one of those tomatos and told me that it reminded her the tomato's from India. That is a big compliment.

 my plants in pots enjoying summer outside on patio (hopefully enjoying)
Gongura slowly becoming big
 sorakaya chetlu
 small budding sorakayalu
 okra plants along with tomato plants in separate pots
one store bought cucumber plant. Hopefully squirrels will let it grow

 Watermelon plant still trying to settle down and grow.

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